Speaking Engagements

Through Tchadas’ dedication to his profession, cultural revitalization and passion for Indigenous voices to be heard, he is often requested to do various speaking engagements. From keynote speeches about Indigenous people in media, podcasting, documentary work, producing and journalism, Tchadas provides a fair, focused and balanced speech.

Besides keynote speeches, Tchadas has been hired to be on panels, moderate panels and host/MC various events.

To book Tchadas for any speaking engagements please use the contact form here.

Speaking engagements by Tchadus Leo
Speaking engagements by Tchadus Leo
2024 – Calgary (to be announced)
2023 – Host, Moderator and speaker for BCIT’s Indigenous People’s Data Sovereignty & Privacy Event
2023 – Co-host, moderator and speaker for the BCIT Tech Collider Opening at the Vancouver Downtown Campus
2023 – Guest panel “leaders of the future” speaker for the 2023 British Columbia Association of Broadcasters AGM
2023 – Fraser Valley Health invited guest speaker for National Indigenous Day focusing on Indigenous sensitivity within the healthcare system
2023 – Vancouver Island University Invited keynote guest for the Digital Media Studies graduating class of 2025
2022 – Host/Speaker for the Ladysmith Art Council awards ceremonies
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